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"We now know without a doubt that global warming is threatening us with higher temperatures, more drought, more wildfire, more flooding, and more erosion of our coastal communities. People who don’t believe this can yell about it as loudly as they want, but it does not change the fact that the overwhelming scientific evidence has proven this over and over again. We must act now with the rest of the world to curb emissions so that we can leave our children a safer, healthier planet.” 
Mr. Barack Hussein Obama 
President  USA  & Mission Green Activist.
Mission Green - is a revolution, which will not only help poor deprived children to survive & get education, but our Mission to plant 1 Million Tree Saplings in a year is precisely an initiative to reduce Global Warming. This Year we are working for the support of 1111 kids & their families. Also planning to construct Two Orphans' asylum with most advanced education & Hostel facilities for 5000 children. 

Your One Tree can Save Earth & also Gift Life to deprived children, as these kids will be Rehabilitated & associated for planting Trees as ‘Sharm Daan’ , which will render them with Food, Shelter, Clothing & School Facilities. They will be relieved from becoming the Victim of Child labour & abuse.   
Support.... "Pledge a TREE, Plant a LIFE.
Mr. Kishore Omprakash Sharma 
Founder - Globe One Foundation & Mission Green Activist.